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July 03, 2007



I really appreciate your mention of The Boomer Chronicles! We aim to please.

Ronni Bennett

Thank you for your kind words about Time Goes By. When I started blogging, there are hardly any elders doing it. It is so heartening to find the niche growing.

Lara Belonogoff

Lisa, what a treat it was to find that you pointed out our blog to your readers. Thank you from all of us here at Gilbert Guide—we really appreciate it.

Larry S

Interesting...thanks for the list of senior blogs. That's very helpful.

I recently joined a senior social networking community, which just started and seems to be very useful:

Seniors can meet and blog and swap information at seniorocity, without having to deal with teens (as on other online communities like Facebook and MySpace).

Keep up the great work!


Lisa Dunn

Hi Larry,
You may want to try Eons too. That's where the boomers go!


Have just withing the last couple hours found that there are other senior bloggers besides myself, and more importantly, they are kinda organized as a group----HI, names Gary here, age 71, just want to add my two cents worth, just need to know what pot to throw it into?


Gary J. Gilmore

being a senior blogger (just started three monthes back), glad to find others of the senior persuasion out blogging. This is my second attempt to post a comment on this site, not sure the first one went through??


Philip Rappa

You might want to checkout a new blog, which is meant to be fun and entertaining titled: Raging at Aging


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